Incident impacting modusCloud - US

[17:50 UTC / 10:50 PDT]

The outbound IPs have been corrected and all messages are being delivered

Status remaining
Degraded Performance


[Note from Vircom: This seems to only affect clients on US1 & US3 as far as we've observed]

Proofpoint Essentials is experiencing an issue affecting outbound delivery from Office 365 customers.

Office 365 users may experience Outbound messages not reaching the recipient. While impacted messages may not be visible in Essentials logs, they are not lost.

Proofpoint will be releasing any messages that have been impacted by this issue for onwards delivery.

Proofpoint is actively investigating this issue and will provide further updates via this news channel when available.

Next update: In 60 minutes (18:15 UTC / 11:15 PDT )



[17:15 UTC / 10:15 PDT]

There was an error in the list of outbound IPs on the O365 site, which was automatically pulled and introduced into the platform. Proofpoint Operations is resolving the issue on all stacks and will be releasing any messages effected.

Status remaining
Degraded Performance

We seem to be having an issue with clients who are on the US1 and US3 stacks of proofpoint essentials whereas outgoing emails are not getting logged properly at this time. Reports indicate that the messages are getting delivered properly. Proofpoint is aware and working on it. The vast majority of our clients (90%+) are on US4 and EU1 which are not affected.

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Degraded Performance
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